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Cancer's Greatest Gift

Cancer’s Greatest Gift

Keys to Radiant Health and Joy

Pargash Giorgi

Is there hope for a better and fuller life after cancer?

To some patients, the struggle to break free from cancer does not end after a successful course of treatment. It is not uncommon for cancer survivors to feel physical, emotional, social, spiritual and even financial pressures after overcoming their ordeal.

Breast cancer survivor Pargash Giorgi believes this does not have to be the case and invites you to reach out to achieve Cancer’s Greatest Gift: Keys to Radiant Health and Joy .

Using her own life and experiences as a case study, Giorgi presents a powerful testimony of how living well is a choice and that traumatizing experiences should not be a barrier to enjoying happier and better living. In her book she introduces fresh and effective tools and techniques for advancing to the life that you have always aspired to enjoy.

Paula Correia, ALSP, MA Psychology, an AGAPE-licensed Spiritual Practitioner, has described Giorgi’s work as,

“… a radical paradigm shift from the common perception that cancer is a death sentence. In beautifully clear language she expounds logically and scientifically supported factors that may lead to cancer. How to reverse these factors and become a self-healer is the thrust of her enlightening book.”

Get ready to begin your journey to a healthier and fuller life now!