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Dr. Giorgi’s stunning revelations of how she truly benefitted from breast cancer is a radical paradigm shift from the common perception that cancer is a death sentence. In beautifully clear language she expounds scientifically supported factors that may lead to cancer. How to reverse these factors and become a self-healer is the thrust of her enlightening book.

Presenting her own life as a case study, she powerfully gives testimony that by healing her emotional distress, changing to a healthful nutritional regimen, and taking loving care of her body she has danced from cancer to radiant health and happiness.

Step by step she reveals how you too can heal in body, mind and spirit.In essence, Dr. Giorgi’s message is: Take charge of your health and life by changing to a positive attitude and a healthful and joyful lifestyle.This book is a must-read for all cancer patients or all who want to optimize their joy and health.